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St. Joseph, Pray for us!

School Goal


Seton Spirit Ad Campaign 2020-21

Annual Fundraiser


School Goal $50,000

Required Family Contribution $300

What is the Seton Spirit Ad Campaign?

The Spirit Ad Campaign is Seton’s annual fundraiser and is done in conjunction with Seton’s Spring Musical.  Seton families raise money for the fundraiser by selling ads for the Spring Musical Program/Ad Book or through donations.  All Seton families are required to participate and raise $300.   Families that choose not to sell ads will need to submit a $300 check to Seton School.

This year’s musical is …


The campaign is over for this year. Thank you for your support! We will see you next year!

Congratulations to the 8th graders!  They won 1st place in the Class Competition and will receive a dress-down day.


Congratulations to the seniors!  They won 2nd place in the Class Competition and will receive an ice cream social.  (Both dates will be announced soon.)


We have raised $46,000 of our $50,000 school goal!  We are almost there!  Several Seton families have not turned in their required contribution of $300 so please submit your check to Seton School soonest.  Remember, all Seton families are required to participate.  Stay tuned next week for our three top selling families!

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