Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. – Philippians 4:6

Contact Information

Mr. Pat Geary
Head Guidance Counselor
Grades 11-12
[email protected]

Mrs. Charlotte Guyant
Guidance Assistant
Grades 7-8
[email protected]

Mrs. Tina McIntyre
[email protected]

Mrs. Maureen Duran
Guidance Advisor
Grades 9-10
[email protected]

Mrs. Ruth McCaa
Resource Teacher
[email protected]




The purpose of the guidance department at Seton is to help your children be successful and reach their potential. We want them to learn as much as they can from our dedicated teachers and excellent curriculum so that they can one day move on to their choice in higher education, the military, or careers. The preparation our students get at Seton is excellent. Our SAT scores, the performance of students on AP exams, on Latin exams, and in the various contests and the Science Fair all reflect the effort and commitment of faculty and the hard work of students and families. Please continue to keep up this effort and if problems develop, contact the teacher and guidance to get assistance.


While we do not have every facility or resource at our fingertips to offer comprehensive special education services, there are National Honor Society students as well as some teachers who tutor. Be aware that in order to get extended time for PSAT, AP, and SAT testing, the student must have been receiving that accommodation at Seton.


We would like to announce students who receive honors or awards, win contests, are involved in special programs, or are awarded scholarships. This is an opportunity to acknowledge students who deserve recognition for their accomplishments, and to provide encouragement to other students who can see that there are many reachable goals available to them. Please email any award information to [email protected].


Please contact Guidance with any questions. God bless you!

Christendom College representative talking with Seton seniors.

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