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Contact Information

Mr. Pat Geary
Guidance Department Head
Grades 11-12
[email protected]

Mrs. Charlotte Guyant
Guidance Assistant and Advisor
Grades 7-8
[email protected]

Mrs. Tina McIntyre
[email protected]

Mrs. Maureen Duran
Guidance Advisor
Grades 9-10
[email protected]

Mrs. Ruth McCaa
Resource Teacher
[email protected]

Mrs. Julie Mantooth
Seton Admissions
[email protected]

Mrs. Stephanie Reyes
AP and PSAT Coordinator



Guidance Department Overview

The Seton Guidance Department’s primary mission is to address the needs of students and secondly, to address policy, process and procedure matters in support of the Seton leadership and teachers. Guidance Department activities include managing the admission application process, student registration, class scheduling, academic and behavior referrals, attendance/tardy referrals, parent-teacher meetings, student improvement strategies through the Seton Academic Support Program (SASP), counseling students in both academic and personal areas, course selection, outside course approval, post-secondary education and career counseling, coordinating workshops and presentations for students and parents, student recommendation letters, senior initial and exit interviews, advertisement of scholarships, summer and student enhancement programs, plus Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and Advanced Placement (AP) test coordination.

Guidance Department Operating Policy (adopted September 8, 2020)

A. Our focus is to meet the academic needs of each student and to direct them toward success in college, vocational or technical school, government, business, or the military.

B. Our department goal is to ensure every Seton student receives relevant, accurate, timely, and thorough guidance and advice towards completing their high school requirements on time with a clear post high school path forward.

C. Our priorities are:

1. Academics (including completing all course requirements on time)
2. Emotional and social support (in accordance with the Seton Counselor/Advisor Procedure and Policy). See:

D. Our guiding principle (the HARM principle) is to err on the side of caution in sensitive issues by informing students and parents up front we must report any viable information indicating the student is in danger of harm from someone else (including bullying), the student is in danger of harming themselves or the student is in danger of harming someone else (including bullying).

E. Our policy is to offer multiple options for each family to choose based on the best information available.

F. Our policy is to keep a log of all our substantive contacts with students and their parents.

G. Our policy is to get parents to sign a statement permitting disclosure as necessary before intervening in any sensitive issue.

H. Our policy is to refer families to outside professionals for social welfare and mental health issues. See:

Please contact Guidance with any questions. God bless you!

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