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Give to the Lord, you families of nations, give to the Lord glory and praise; Give to the Lord the glory due His Name! Bring gifts, and enter His presence; worship the Lord in holy attire. – 1 Chronicles 16:28-9

Download the official Seton School Handbook below:

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The  Seton Handbook, Purpose, and Mission:

Our young people cannot announce the Good News unless they have heard it. They need to hear it in their homes and in. They need to hear it in their homes and int heir schools. In His infinite mercy, God has chosen Seton School to be one instrument by which young people can hear the truth. All of us at Seton would be the first to admit that we are weak instruments indeed, but we take consolation in St. Paul’s words, “God uses the weak things of this world to put to shame the strong.” The good that Seton does is done by the grace of God, and through God’s generosity this good will spread far beyond the walls of Seton…. Please remember Seton’s educational apostolate in your prayers, for without Him we can do nothing.


Discipline produces self-discipline; self-discipline cultivates confidence, strength, and success in all aspects of life, including work, school, athletics, relationships and most importantly, faith. For children and young adults especially, it gives them the power and inner strength needed to overcome many of life’s major challenges. A fair and solid Disciplinary System, coupled with thorough and consistent enforcement of it, lays the foundation for developing self-discipline throughout the student body, and fosters Seton’s mission to create a focused and productive Catholic learning environment.

Cell Phone Policy

Important Reminders about Seton’s Cell Phone Policy:

(Everything that says cell phones also applies to smart watches.)

  1. In an effort to encourage mature management and self-discipline regarding cellphones, upper classmen (Juniors and Seniors) are allowed have powered off cell phones on their person at Seton School before the first bell and during school hours. Sophomores may request an allowance to carry a cellphone during the school day from the main office if they can provide a legitimate need.
  2. All cellphones must be turned off for the entirety of the school day beginning at the first bell until the final bell of the school day. If a student’s phone is heard and has therefore not been powered off, the phone will be confiscated and taken to the main office. Confiscated phones will be returned to the owner after a fine of $30 is paid. (The money will be sent to our twin school in Haiti)
  3. If an upper classman has an urgent need to contact a parent during the school day, he/she must get permission from a teacher or staff.
    An upper classmen who has their phone visible, without permission even if they are not using it, will have their phone confiscated, taken to the office, and assess a $30 penalty and receive an automatic detention.
  4. Any upper classman who violates the above policy more than twice will lose their privilege to have a cell phone at Seton unless there are extenuating circumstances approved by the Seton Administration.
  5. Texting violates the policy of unpowered phones and is not allowed at any time during school hours. All rules which apply to talking on a cell phone apply to texting.
    After school upperclassmen may use their cell phone as a phone in front of the main office.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL YOUR CHILD’S CELL PHONE OR TEXT YOUR CHILD DURING SCHOOL HOURS. CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Parents may call the school to leave messages for their children. The office staff will see to it that students receive messages promptly. Students are able to use the office phone to phone home due to illness, scheduling issues or other urgent matters.

Before school there will be no use of cell phones by ANY students. If a legitimate reason for cell phone use exists prior to the first bell, a student must get permission from a Seton faculty or staff member to use the phone. After school all students may use cell phones but only as a phone and only on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance to the high school building and/or in the high school building lobby. Students are not to crowd around a phone to view screen content

For under classmen (7th-10th grade)

  1. Under classmen are not allowed to have cell phones on their person o)r in their backpacks during school hours. They are not allowed to use them at all during school hours.
  2. Under classmen may bring a cell phone to school and keep it in their car or store it in their locker on arrival. Seton is not responsible for stolen cell phones. (Students may use a lock on their lockers. See “Lockers” for more information).
  3. After school, under classmen may use their cell phone as a phone only in front of the high school lobby. This includes the sidewalk area in front of the main doors.
  4. Any underclassmen using their cellphone in a non designated area will be subject to the consequences stated above.

A student that is caught with a cellphone on and in their possession during a quiz, test, midterm or final exam automatically will receive a zero (as well as all consequences involved with not following the rules governing cell phones), If the zero results in the student failing the class, they will need to retake the course.


Uniform and Dress Code

Dress Code Philosophy

Students show respect for their school and themselves by taking pride in their appearance. A dress code reflects the values of the institution that establishes the code. As long as a student is enrolled at Seton School, he/she should represent and reflect the image of the school.


  • In the formation of mature, educated, Christian adults, students must possess personal discipline and modesty.
  • The sacrifice and effort required to adhere to a uniform dress code policy on a daily basis is an outward expression of the discipline necessary for academic success and spiritual growth.
  • In an effort to boost school pride, the dress code allows students to be identified as members of the Seton community while on campus as well as when traveling to and from school.
  • A dress code focuses on equality and a sense of belonging and thus helps to eliminate competition to “out-dress” other students.
  • Seton has four dress codes (Uniform, Out-of-Uniform Day, Activities, and Casual Dress) that are outlined in the following pages.
  • Final decisions about student dress reside with the director and faculty.
  • Adapted from John Paul the Great


Ordering Uniforms

Seton School has two options for ordering uniforms: Flynn and O’Hara and Lands End.

Flynn & O’Hara School Uniforms

Flynn & O’Hara skirts do not parallel traditional skirt sizing. They are sized by waist measurements. All skirts come with a 2” hem. Order by July 1st to ensure delivery before the first day of school. Remember to identify yourself as a Seton family so that you will order the correct skirt. 3 easy ways to order: 1. Visit the Service Center, Fair City Mall 9650 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 (703) 503-5966 2. Order Online at and follow the on screen directions 3. Order by Phone Toll Free   1-800-441-4122 Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 10-2. Click on the image for more information.


Lands’ End School Uniforms

Approved Girls’ skirts are listed on the Lands’ End Uniform website. When ordering from Lands’ End make sure you use preferred school # 900057647 and identify yourself as Seton family. 2 Easy ways to order: 1. Order online at http://www.landsend. com/shop/school-uniforms/-/N-g54 Use preferred school # 900057647 2. Order by Phone Toll Free   1-800-963-4816 *Lands’ End items can be ordered and tried on at any participating Sears store as well.

Download our official Uniform and Dress Code below:

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Download our official Uniform and Dress Code below:

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Uniform Checklist

Uniform Excerpt from the Student Handbook

Prom Dress Guidelines

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