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First Day of School is Wednesday, August 25th 8:15-3:00




Hello Seton Families,

It has taken a lot of preparation to get the school ready to open so that kids and staff members comply with health and safety recommendations mandated by the governor. It is our first priority to keep your children and our staff healthy and safe. Thanks for your compliance in the following matters:

Seton School Shield1. First day of school is a Wednesday with Assembly Schedule/ All other days at this time will be Wednesday without Assembly. There is no scheduled Monday Masses at this time. First Friday Mass will be September 4th which will be a Friday Mass schedule.

2. PLEASE do your own health screening of your child with a Temperature check.

3. Per the governor’s mandate on masks, we are recommending that masks be worn before school, in the hallways, and after school, where physical distancing cannot be followed.

4. Drop your child off at the door which associates with their homeroom (see their schedule on Jupiter Ed and click here for the map). Students will get a copy of their schedule at their first period class. Students will be asked if they are healthy and their temperature will be taken. They will then be told to report to their homeroom. Student will not be allowed in the building before 7:45.

5. There is NO lunch sales, please pack a full lunch for your children. (NO microwaves at this time)

6. Parents, please talk to your children about pick up location and please be prompt with pick up, so that we do not have children hanging around after school hours. Students will not be allowed to congregate in the buildings. Only students that have sports practice can be in the gym.

7. Parents, please do not drop by the office for at least the first few weeks of school, so that we keep the visitors to a minimum. We are happy to address your questions over the phone.

8. LABEL all of your kids items so that our lost and found crew is not forced to give away items left at the school. (This includes clothing items and water containers)


Thanks for your patience with us , as we may need to adjust some things once the first week is completed. We value our families and look forward to seeing all of your children again!


Corpus Christi: If your child(ren) are entering the yellow, pink or purple doors, drop off in the back.

Main Building: No cars will be allowed to park in the parking spaces in front of the main building (handicapped slots-blue doors) until 8:30 a.m.. This is the drop off zone for the students who are entering the red, green, blue and orange doors. The right hand driving lane is for students who have class in the main building. The left hand driving lane is for students in the same family/carpool who need to enter both the Corpus Christi building and the Main Building. Students need to be ready to depart from the car as soon as the car is stopped in the lane. Parents need to drop and go.

For all our COVID related information please click here.

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