Dear cast members and parents, Please see below messages from Mrs. VW and others: 
Thanks again to the many parents/volunteers who have come out to help with costumes, stage construction, blocking, choreography, vocals, props, and chaperoning. The help is much appreciated. We have more opportunities to help, so please jump in!
I apologize for the difficulty in getting to Seton this past Saturday during the St. Patrick’s Day parade. The police were unexpectedly asked to close Maple Street all the way down to Cherry Street which made getting to Seton very difficult. Thank you for your heroic efforts to navigate Old Town.
COSTUMES!!! On Saturday, please wear whatever costumes that you have. This will give us a chance to see if there are any changes to costumes that we need to make before tech week!! Brothers, I will be coming with SHOE GLUE on Wednesday to repair any BOOTS that need it. 
Cast Dinner- help needed- 
Hello Everyone,
It’s hard to believe that Opening Night is almost upon us. That also means that Tech Week is right around the corner — the most strenuous week of rehearsals.

Each year during Tech Week, a dinner for the cast and crew is arranged to give them an opportunity to sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy a warm meal together.

This year the dinner will be held on Wednesday, April 4th from 4-5pm in Faustina. 

I will need some assistance in the following areas:
  • purchasing the food items(cakes, cookies, salad & fixings, rolls/tableware
  • set up of Faustina (2-3 moms — also, a couple of strong gentlemen to help set up the tables would be appreciated)
  • servers (2-4 moms)
  • clean up of Faustina ( 2-3 moms — also, a couple of strong gentlemen to help put up the tables would be appreciated) 
I cook the meal (so no cooking skills are necessary). This year we will not be asking the kids to bring desserts — each child will be asked to bring a case of small water bottles OR sodas/juice in cans or individual drink boxes. I am trying to reduce the amount of food/paper products that go to waste. If you can help, please contact Kathy Vestermark @ [email protected]
I can’t do this alone and it’s such a treat for the Cast and Crew who deserve a warm sit-down meal during the hardest week of the rehearsals!
Kathy Vestermark
Concessions help needed: 
We are in need of volunteers to help with snacks at intermission.  If anyone would be willing help and earn some PRO points, we would be very grateful.  
Please contact Mary Kate Smith at [email protected];  her cell is 571-393-8374 if you would like to text her and and let her know which show you could help with.
Thank you so much!  Many hands make light work.
NOTEThere are a few changes to the practices this week from what I posted last week. I put those changes in BOLD. The only BIG change is that I need the students to stay next Saturday until 4 pm. We need some more time to finish some scenes.
Wed. 3/14
  • 3:15 students check into the gym for announcements and attendance
  • 3:30- 4:30 Wedding Finale (entire cast- gym)
  • 4:30- 5:00 Dinner break for Brothers and Milly
  • 4:30- 5:00 Gallant and Correct (entire cast)
  • 5:00- 5:30 Dinner Break for Brides and Adam
  • 5:00- 5:30 Spring Dance (Spring chorus, Irish Dancers, Featured Dancers)- Gym
  • 5:00- 5:30 Brothers- We Got to Make It Through the Winter- Faustina
  • 5:30- 6:15 Barn Dance Scene- Faustina
  • 6:15- 6:45 Clean up the FIGHT- Faustina
  • 6:45– 7:30 Chase Scene – (Chase Chorus, Lumberjacks, Parents, Suitors, Brides, Brothers)- Faustina
  • 7:30- 8:00 Spring, Spring, Spring (Brides, Brothers)- Faustina
  • 8:00- 8:30 Act II Scene 10 (Adam, Milly, Brides, Brothers) & Glad That You Were Born
  • 8:30- 9:00 Sobbin Women (Adam, Brothers)- Faustina
Friday 3/16- Stage Building
Dads and students, please read your emails to help assemble the stage if you are available! (NOT required!) We will be picking up stages at All Saints, moving stages from our shed to our current stage, and putting them together.  Many hands make light work.
Please email Tim Cook at tco[email protected] if you would like to be involved.
Sat. 3/17- 
IN COSTUMES- whatever pieces you have
You are OFF BOOK
Bring a BAGGED LUNCH!  You will have time to eat, but we won’t take a break for you to leave the school.
  • 9:00- 9:45 Wonderful Day blocking (Brides, Mothers, Trios only)
  • 9:00- 9:45 Brothers Vocal (We Gotta Make It, Lonesome Polecat, any harmonies for Glad That You Were Born, Sobbin Women, etc.)
  • 9:45- 11:00 Act I Scenes 4,5,6,7 (Milly, Adam, Brothers)
  • 10:15- 11:00  Vocals- Gallant and Correct, Wonderful Day (ENTIRE CAST)
  • 11:00- 4:00 Run Through Act I- BRING BAGGED LUNCH- Act I Scene 1-3 (maybe 4-7), Scene 8-11 (ENTIRE CAST)
Wed. 3/21 – Final Costume Checks
  • 3:30- 5:00 Act II Scene 11 and 12 (Entire Cast) – Gym
  • 5:00- 5:30 Spring Dance
  • 5:00- 5:30 Brides, Brothers, Suitors, Parents, Milly, Adam- DINNER BREAK
  • 5:30- 6:00 Echo Chorus (Act II Scene 2- Suitors Lament /Avalanche)
  • 6:00- 6:30 Act I Scene 8: BARN DANCE SCENE
  • 6:30- 7:15 Run Thru Act II Scene 1 Kidnapping (Brides, Brothers, Suitors, Parents)
  • 7:15- 9:30 Run Thru Act II Scene 3-10 but NOT SPRING DANCE (Adam, Milly, Brides, Brothers)
9 am- 4 pm Run Thru Act I and II
Pizza lunch will be provided; boys bring drinks, girls bring a side
Wed. 3/28
  • 3:30- 9:30 (OR LATER!!!, maybe 10:30)
  • Entire cast 3:30- TBA  Scenes to be announced
  • Named roles and Featured Dancers expect to stay the whole time.  Schedule will be announced on Sunday, 3/25.
  • Monday be at Seton 5 pm-11 pm
  • Tues. be at Seton 5 pm- 11 pm
  • THE LONG Wed.  Musical numbers 1-4, Cast dinner 4 pm, Tech dress rehearsal 5-11 pm
  • Thurs. 1-4 TBA SCENES, otherwise 5 pm- 11 pm
  • Friday 1st performance- be here at 5 pm
Seton School

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