Dear cast members and parents,
A message from Mrs. VW:

Great job on Saturday! I apologize that I didn’t finish at 4 pm and that I kept some students longer. Wednesday’s schedule will run exactly as written and we will stop what we are doing and move on no matter what.

A big thank you again goes to all the parents that are giving their time to teach us vocals; make us costumes; build the stage/set; teach dance steps; feed us with donuts or pizza; keep us either informed, on key, or in tune; and keep us attired in cool Musical t-shirts. Also, thank you to the stage crew, painters, and lights and sound crew for all of your time and hard work.

Please read carefully the email about Hair and Make (see below). You will have a chance to check in with Marcie on Wednesday.

Hair and Makeup Info

Dear Cast,

As always, everyone on stage will be wearing some sort of makeup. Please know that we will be requiring everyone to have their makeup checked before hand. Here we’ll make sure that your makeup matches your skin and that all your things have your name on them. Bring your makeup to practice on the 28th or April 2nd check it. A table with the “makeup people” will be set up so you can find us easily.

Note on foundation color- usually we’d say get a color that is a shade darker than your skin, but if you are stuck between two shades, pick the lighter one. It’s easier to fix foundation that’s too light than too dark.

You will need: I recommend that anyone who would like to purchase a Ben Nye Theatre Makeup kit. It contains everything you might need for makeup, except mascara (only girls). I would love it if the leads could purchase these, but please don’t feel like this is a “must”. It’s not. It is only about 25 dollars, which is less than getting all your makeup from Walmart or Walgreens if you need to buy everything. Here is the link: ben nye makeup kits If you choose to buy one, you’ll have to pick a color that matches your skin…if you’re having trouble deciding come see Marcie Van de Voorde and she can help. Boys: All boys need a hair comb or brush And boys NOT buying Ben Nye kits will only need: foundation, bronzer, and makeup sponges. Girls: will need 2 cans of non-aerosol hair spray, LOTS of bobby pins that match your hair color, pony-tail holders (elastic) brush and comb. Curling iron to touch up curls.

PLEASE NOTE: All girls need to arrive at Seton for dress rehearsals and performances with your hair already curled!!! There will not be enough time to curl your hair here at Seton. Girls NOT buying Ben Nye kits will need: foundation, blush, natural eye shadow, eyeliner (NO WINGS), mascara, natural lip color (i.e. no bright red or pink), and makeup applicators.

Thanks so much everyone! -Marcie Van de Voorde and the makeup team

Finally, I encourage you to dive into the amazing dynamics of Holy Week. Yesterday morning, we talked about making our morning offering and offering up our little things during practice for all those in our Seton community who could use prayers. Please keep that in mind this week. Holy Week has a lot of graces to offer!!  And on that note: All Saints has a holy hour from 6:30 – 8:30 on Tuesday night. I have kept you busy on a lot of Wednesday nights, so I wanted to point out confessions available on a Tuesday!!

We still need chaperones! Please go to the chaperone page at and coordinate with Mrs. Anne Dealey.

T shirts

Mrs. Erin VW passed out the t-shirts that Mrs. Dawn Ceol designed and ordered for us. If you didn’t get your t-shirt, please contact Mrs. Erin Vander Woude.
Tickets- last call for the reduced family rate of $30
Tickets are still on sale for the reduced rate of $30 for a family (immediate family members) through this Wednesday, March 28. After Wednesday, the family rate will be $40. 
Tickets may be purchased this week at the Seton school office during school hours.  Mrs. Orr will also be at rehearsal with tickets this Wednesday from 3:15- 8:15 for anyone who would like to purchase tickets then.
***Wed Mar 28: Costume ladies need to see all the BridesALL Parents, and the Mayor (you need hats and we have some for you to try on)
***Reminder that students who need their costumes fixed or other additions, please bring them to the costume ladies.   
We would like to thank all of the students for doing such a great job in getting their costume pieces together!  There are still a few students who have not been checked off -so please come see us in your costume. We are entering the home stretch, so here are some costume tips below that will help everyone keep track of their costumes and keep them looking great!  So much work goes into this show and we want everyone to shine and look their best!
  1. Please purchase a garment bag (you can get these at the dollar store) these are great for holding everything -including socks/tights and shoes-so nothing gets lost
  2. Please HANG up your costume-do not cram them in your backpacks etc. -you need to look crisp on stage!
  3. Please DO NOT eat/drink while in costume. If you want to eat, change or throw a t-shirt on over your costume.
  4. Please put your name on EVERYTHING (if you borrowed items from the costume room, use tape) -we have a lot of students in these productions -this helps us get lost items to the owner
  5. Breathe, smile, and have fun!
Revised schedule for this Wednesday, March 28 
  • 3:15 – 4:15 Act I Scene 7, Goin’ Courtin’
  • 4:15 – 4:45 Sobbin’ Women
  • 4:45 – 5:30 CHASE SCENE  (Act 2, Scene 11) Parents, Suitors, Brides, Brothers, Adam, CHASE CHORUS, Lumberjacks
  • 5:30 – 7:00  Scene 12 including Wedding Finale and Curtain Call (ENTIRE CAST) 
  • 7:00 – 7:30  Dinner
  • 7:30 – 8:00  Kidnap Scene (Act 2, Scene 1) Parents, Suitors, Brides, Brothers, Adam and Dorcas’ sister
  • 8:00 – 8:45 Sobbin’ Women, Goin’ Courtin’ ENDING and Scene 4 -7 vocals on stage (Brothers, Adam, Milly, Brides)


  • 8:45 – 10:30 Act 2, Scenes 4 – 7 (Girls Tricks, We’ve Got To Make It, Gifts, June Bride, Winter Reprise)
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