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About Seton School

Seton Junior-Senior High School is an accredited, private, co-educational school operated by Catholic laymen dedicated to promoting the established tradition of Catholic secondary education. We teach orthodox, traditional Catholicism, in complete harmony with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church as taught by the Holy Father.We stress individual attention, high academic standards, high standards of conduct and close cooperation with parents, a family atmosphere and activities available to all students.

Getting Ready for Next Year

The Academics page has information about supply lists for the upcoming year as well as 2016-17 planning dates, summer reading and summer classes. Please be sure to check it out to get a good start for next year!

Queen of the Angels Chapel

Gratitude Is In My Heart
I’ve posted my brief talk at the close of the Mass because it best explains what is in my heart. I am grateful beyond words to all those who played any part in the realization of the dream of this chapel and of the success of Dedication Day. I've listed some of the people I'd like to thank here.
With Gratitude,
- Mrs. Carroll

Future information on the chapel can be found on the Spiritual page.

History of Seton School

Seton opened its doors in 1975, the year of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's canonization. Located in the Manassas historic area, it has steadily grown to an enrollment of over 350 students, from families throughout Northern Virginia and beyond. Seton's smaller size means students get more individual attention and are more involved, and a family atmosphere exists where older students assist younger in many different ways.

Seton School is officially affiliated with the Diocese of Arlington, under the authority of the bishop in matters of religious education and the qualifications of its religion teachers, who are certified by the diocese. In all other areas Seton is independent, and retains autonomy in curriculum and methods. Seton is not a diocesan school and does not receive any diocesan subsidies.

Seton Jr. / Sr. High School 9314 Maple Street Manassas, VA 20110


You can help the attendance coordinator by calling the absent/tardy line at (703) 368-6604 when your student is absent or even going to be tardy.

If you know the evening before or early in the morning that you’re going to be tardy due to illness or an appointment, or that you’ll be absent, please call and leave a message on the answering machine- it’s available 24 hours a day!

A Reminder & Review of Seton's
Tardy Policy

No Note or Call = Demerit
Tardy 6+ times per quarter = Demerit
Oversleeping or Completing Assignments = Demerit

Parents and Students please be aware of our tardiness procedures as written in our Student Handbook:

  • Every student who is tardy must report to the office and turn in a note (or inform the office that their parent has called) before going to class. The note should contain: 1. student name and grade; 2. date and time of arrival; 3. reason for being late; 4. signature of parental driver. (Student drivers may write their own notes if less than 10 minutes late. If more than 10 minutes late the student must call a parent)
  • If more than one child in a family is late, or an entire carpool, one note is sufficient for all, but must contain name and grade for each individual student with the other required information. Demerits will be given for not following the above procedures.
  • Students who are tardy more than 6 times in a quarter will receive a demerit for each excess tardy, regardless of the reason.
  • Students who arrive tardy must turn in their notes or tardy slips to the office and obtain an admission slip before proceeding to class. OVERSLEEPING or COMPLETING ASSIGNMENTS are not accepted as excuses for tardiness. When either of these is the reason for a student’s being tardy, the tardy will be recorded as unexcused (even if a note is turned in), a demerit will be given by the office, and teachers may give zeroes for any classwork missed.

Every registered student will be given access to Jupiter Ed for correspondence with teachers during the academic year. Every registered family is also added to the Sentinel email list for distribution of the newsletter and general news announcements.

Additionally you may sign up for the Seton newsletter directly (see below) to add additional email addresses for distribution. NOTE this sign up is "opt-in" so you may also opt out at any time.

Please note the Sentinel email list is very "spam aware" and will quickly disable any addresses that fail or unsubscribe. If you stop getting the Sentinel email please contact webmaster@setonschool.net and we will work with you to re-enable your account.

Use this email address to sign up for Seton's newsletter and special announcements!


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Please use contact@setonschool.net for general questions about Seton.

If you have any questions about the web site or need help finding something contact webmaster@setonschool.net.

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